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Create a Family Room/Kitchen Combo

Gone are the days when kitchens were situated far away from the living area, and formal living rooms are becoming a thing of the past.  A more relaxed style suited to family life and entertaining has become popular, with the hub of activity centered on the kitchen and family room.  This is reflected in the rising popularity of open plan kitchen design, which has seen many homeowners knocking down walls to create a free-flowing kitchen/dining/family room, or perhaps incorporating aspects of a living space into their kitchen renovation.

The benefit of the open plan kitchen is that it meets multiple requirements for the entire family in a unified living area.  It also makes entertaining more enjoyable as guests can now circulate through the kitchen and living space, or sit at the kitchen island and interact with you while you cook.  The key to an effective kitchen design that incorporates the family room is to focus on a well-organized layout and a style that integrates into the rest of your home.