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house-fire-damage-s&sconstruction-high-desertIt takes time to calculate the total extent of physical damages from a single fire, even if the structure itself is not lost.   A house fire is a devastating tragedy for a number of reasons.  First, there is the obvious loss of your home and personal belongings now nothing more than charcoal or ash.  Next, smoke infects upholstery, carpeting, linens and clothing so badly that repair or cleaning is impossible. Toxic substances created by various industrial substances when ignited(i.e. the latex that makes your mattress pad or the polypropylene in your carpet) can coat belongings, rendering them poisonous.

Fire and smoke damage is only the beginning. Water and other substances that your fire department employs to extinguish a blase may cause severe mold growth. Though firefighters try their best to minimize the damage as much as possible, their main focus is to rescue people and pets trapped inside, and to save the house itself after rescue efforts.  But, if repairs are delayed for any reason, dangerous mold from the water used put out the fire can grow within the structure, walls, attic space and potentially mask everything inside the home. Mold requires specialized cleaning processes that S&S Construction is prepared to combat.

Restoration, Renovation And Repair

Our highly trained fire restoration technicians will inspect damage to the house and your belongings.   Even if a fire appears to have only burned one or two rooms, the repairs and restoration can extend beyond what the naked eye can see. Smoke, soot and debris can travel throughout the house. Items that can be washed with general cleansers will get moved to storage facilities while the house is under repair including:

• Curtains, linens, clothing
• Toys and non-electric items
• Soot-covered appliances not damaged by water
• Cookware, glassware and silverware

On the contrary,  electronics, furniture, carpeting and drywall need to be replaced.

We work with you to remove your salvageable belongings and place them in a secure storage facility.  Next, we recommend that you take photographs of your damaged property prior to storing anything for your insurance claim.

Next, we rebuild walls, floors, attic space and replace all the ruined drywall in the house. Compromised electrical wiring, cable wiring and plumbing are replaced as well.

So, if fire strikes, trust your home repair to the High Desert’s restoration construction experts at S&S Construction at 760-559-2667.

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S&S Construction Restoration offers fire and water damage restoration services for residential and commercial buildings in the High Desert area and beyond. We can handle any damage to your home or business that is covered by insurance — and we will bill your insurance company directly. With over 30 years of experience, we offer fast and affordable restoration that you can count on.