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Design Trends: 2018

Looking for design inspiration for your home? Well look no further. Here are a few design trends to consider according to design experts for the new year.

Colorful Kitchens: Classic white will always be in style. However, we’re seeing homeowners opt for more richly colored hues and warmer wood tones. These colors provide a warm, comforting feel.

Rich Colors ad Tones: Expect to see warm hues such as camel, browns and blacks rather than cooler neutrals.

Sinks With an Edge: Modern farmhouse style is still very much on-trend and we’re expecting to see it in more rooms in the home rather than just the kitchen. White and stainless sinks have become a thing of the past. Concrete and stone in darker hues are predicted.

Concrete Accents: A much more cost effective accent piece, we’re expecting to see homeowners use more concrete than say its counterpart, marble. Its already used in flooring and countertops and is a versatile and readily accessible material.


Kitchen Remodel High Desert | Kitchen Remodel | Kitchen Restoration

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